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最后 英文

首先 in the first place; in the first instance; first of all; first off; (the) first thing; above all; for one thing; for a start; to start with; to begin with 其次 1.the next 2.secondly; in the next place; moreover 3.secondary...

最后: 1. last 2. ultimate 3. finally 4. final Relative explainations: Examples: 1. 我们两国最后终于能理智地进行对话了。 At last there can be a reasonable dialogue between our two governments. 2. 你什么时候付清最后一期分期贷款?...

最后的最后用英文 1.LastNever 2.The Last of the Last 3.End on end 例句 1.The last of the last. Away from you, I decided to leave. 最后的最后。我决定离你远走。 2.Around 7pm, as a cold rain fell steadily on the bridge, police load...

At last In the end Finally 请您参考!

the final thing最后的... the ultimate...最终的 the eventual/conclusive...也是最后的。。。 最后一集- finale 但是最后一个还是the last one最正宗

the last one the final one the ultimate one

final the end of ... the last ultimate

首先,然后,再,最后,的英语形式 First, then, further then, finally finally 英 [ˈfaɪnəli] 美 [ˈfaɪnəli] adv. 总算;最后,终于;末后;结果 first 英 [fɜ:st] 美 [fɜ:rst] n. 第一,最初;头等;一号...

在最后.. 1. in the end 2. at last 3. at the end 4.finally

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