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最后 英文

首先 in the first place; in the first instance; first of all; first off; (the) first thing; above all; for one thing; for a start; to start with; to begin with 其次 1.the next 2.secondly; in the next place; moreover 3.secondary...

最后: 1. last 2. ultimate 3. finally 4. final Relative explainations: Examples: 1. 我们两国最后终于能理智地进行对话了。 At last there can be a reasonable dialogue between our two governments. 2. 你什么时候付清最后一期分期贷款?...

最后的最后用英文 1.LastNever 2.The Last of the Last 3.End on end 例句 1.The last of the last. Away from you, I decided to leave. 最后的最后。我决定离你远走。 2.Around 7pm, as a cold rain fell steadily on the bridge, police load...

At last In the end Finally 请您参考!

the last one the final one the ultimate one

the final thing最后的... the ultimate...最终的 the eventual/conclusive...也是最后的。。。 最后一集- finale 但是最后一个还是the last one最正宗

中文:最后的但同样重要 英文翻译:1.last but not least 2.the last but not the least (此短语为固定搭配) 相关例句: Last but not least, GTK+ is portable, which means that users can run it on many platforms and systems. 最后(但...

终于-副词 finally 最后, 终于, 到底, 卒, 到头来, 算 at last 终于, 到底, 卒 in the end 到底, 到头来, 终究, 终于, 究竟, 竟 eventually 终于, 终究, 竟

Finally one

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